We offer a range of reproductive services, including hormone assays, artificial insemination, and C-sections. If you have a pet that the world needs more of, we would be happy to discuss ways we could help.

Hormone Assays

Artificial Insemination



Hormones are involved in all aspects of health. Many diseases are at their root pathologies of the endocrine system, and many others may affect the endocrine system secondarily. Life threatening problems may present with subtle clinical symptoms; with most endocrinopathies, early diagnosis is key to treatment success.

If your pet has been suffering from abnormal weight gain, abnormal weight loss, inappropriate urination, neurologic symptoms, or simply being a little ‘off’ in a way that only you seem to notice, we would be happy to see your pet and if necessary travel with you down the diagnostic pathway to discover what we might--or might not—find.

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